We exist to showcase and celebrate the creative scene in Cardiff.

For a long weekend in October Cardiff was buzzing, full of creative events, meet ups and activities. Everything that was planned was really well attended as the creative community came out to learn about new design disciplines, learn a new skill or simply to catch up with friends. We’re feeling very grateful to all event organisers who saw their ideas through and invited the city to share in them.

We have yet to see all of the results from the festival as there were many collaborations that have been kickstarted by that weekend. However, there were many creations made as the community got together, including a brand new typeface  public art displays like that from Cardiff City Cycle and Deckle & Forge’s beautiful paper creations, not to mention the delicious cakes from the bake off! Our partners got involved on every level and were passionate about making the events as good as they possibly could be, whilst also making sure people knew about them!

It’s fair to say we have all learned a lot and had an absolute blast whilst celebrating you, the Cardiff Design community.

It’s 11:22pm, clear sky & 13° in Cardiff.