Deckle & Forge

Paper creatives and installation duo.

What excites you about Cardiff?

Claire – The seriously cool people.

Molly – I love Cardiff because it’s vibrant with plenty going on, the growth of small creative businesses is super refreshing and it’s not far from my home county of Pembrokeshire! Win win win!

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach?

Claire – a decent hug.

Molly – the perfect cup of tea.

What is the best thing about Cardiff?

Claire – The heritage buildings and rugby.

Molly – Being near the sea and the food!

If you were a dinosaur what would you be and why?

Claire – I’d be a Brachiosaurus because they are really tall and I would then be able to pass people things.

Molly – I want to be a Brontosaurus because its nickname is ‘Thunder-lizard’ and he has a long whip like tail (so I can whip Claire into shape).

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