I saw my first ever sketchnote after attending Do Lectures in 2016. It was love at first sight and I have honed this skill over three years to a point where I now run a business delivering it. I had no art background, actually worked in pensions for 10 years so I’m proof that anyone can pick up this skill.

What excites you most about Cardiff?

Being from Pembrokeshire originally cardiff was my version of ‘the big smoke’. When I moved to Bristol it became more accessible and the city’s creativity was a huge inspiration to me while starting my journey to build a new career. So many events, so much talent and a passionate culture. This passion feeds creativity and its energy is contagious every time I visit. A city with a smile!

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach?

So I could pick Sketchnoting but 5 minutes is a bit of a push. I do always carry a pen and sketchpad with me so I’d teach them some of my favourite visual vocabulary.

What is the best thing about Cardiff?

There’s no way I could pick out one particular thing...so I’m going with It’s continuous improvement as a city. You think about it’s accessibility, not just to cardiff but all the surrounding areas. The half marathons, the welsh bafta’s, the home of welsh rugby, the trust its built up to host the biggest showcases in sport and entertainment, its redevelopment bringing a more modern spin on the city, its opportunities for young and old. The list is endless!

If you were a dinosaur, what would you be and why?

Velociraptor because it’s the only one I can do an impression of.

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