Warrior Women

Empowering, thought provoking, feel good events. We hold monthly, meaningful meet ups. To inspire and celebrate women’s successes and journeys. Each event is centred around a different subject and we have a range of female only speakers at the event. If you want to network (without the cheese or cringe), meet like minded women in a unique environment then you’ll love our events. We cater to all women of all ages and professions, freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, mums, women studying, 9-5ers and everything in between.

What excites you most about Cardiff?

The abundance of amazing women doing amazing things in Cardiff.

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach?

Amy: I'd teach the tree pose as it's calming and grounding, and I can be found doing it in the most random of places.

What is the best thing about Cardiff?

The sense of community, the food and cafe scene, the incredible indi businesses and never being very far from some greenery.

If you were a dinosaur what would you be and why?

Charlie: A Pterodactyl as they can fly and it always causes a big debate about whether they even dinosaurs or flying reptiles

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