Sketchnoting & Design: Power Up Your Process


Friday 11 October
12:00 - 13:00

Want to give yourself extra power, performance and pleasure? 

Want to learn the fun and interactive way? 

Want to apply a new skill straight away?

Whether you have drawing ability or not this workshop will provide the foundations to build on a new skill. A skill that can be utilised in many aspects of what you do, personally or for business. It’s a great way to capture ideas and concepts with images, text and type. It will help you combine and connect ideas, engage and communicate to a wider audience.

First things first, this workshop is not about drawing ability. It’s about the application of using visuals in a number of aspects of what you do to generate ideas, aid memory recall, increase engagement and power up your design process. 

Sketchnotes are defined as visual maps where you express concepts and ideas with images, type and text. It’s about being able to capture information quickly (it’s not art) using your visual vocabulary. 

This introduction to sketchnoting will include interactive activities, information on the value of visual communication and tips and tricks to get you applying this skill straight away. We will explore ideas about how sketchnoting can help your design process and how it can provide power, performance and pleasure when applied whether in a personal or business capacity. 

All materials will be provided, so all you need to do is turn up, take part and absorb!