WTF is Motion Design / Talk


Friday 11 October
13:00 - 14:00

First part of a two-part event surrounding the importance of Motion within design.

With the surge in moving content in recent years, whether in design or video, Motion design has become more prevalent to brands today to capture what is left of our attention spans and communicate ideas faster, and more effectively. The in-house design team from Storm & Shelter chat about the role and relevance of Motion within the design industry and how we need to adapt to an increasingly moving world.


Izzy, Eryn and Alex are Storm & Shelter’s in-house design-focussed motion graphic squad. Izzy is our gym-going, food-loving junior designer who recently bagged herself a place in the International Society of Typographic Designers. Yoink! Eryn is our motion graphics wizard—a no-nonsense, self-motivated go getter with a particular penchant for bringing 2D shapes to life. Alex heads up the mograph team drawing from his knowledge and experience gained from several leading London-based design agencies. Collectively, throughout their careers they’ve created a butt-load of content for some of the biggest brands on planet, like O2, Twitter, McLaren, BAE Systems and GlaxoSmithKlein to name a few, so it’s safe to assume they might know a thing or two about this stuff.